Finance & Central Services Division

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The Finance and Central Services Division provides the financial and central services operations for Anoka County. The division is comprised of the following departments:

The Budget Department is responsible for the county-wide development, modification, forecasting, and presentation of the budget, Capital Improvement Process (CIP), performance measurement, fees, and financial policy.

The Accounting Department provides accounting, audit, accounts payable, collections,
and payroll functions for vendors, agencies, citizens, and the staff of Anoka County.
The department maintains the official financial records of the county, prepares the comprehensive annual financial report, summary financial data published in local newspapers, accounting and budget development assistance, reporting and information requests, and supports the annual audit.

The Treasury Department is responsible for all treasury related functions for Anoka County including cash and investment management, receipting of revenue, accounts receivable,
and debt administration. The department maintains effective supportive bank relations, promotes use of current cash / credit management technology, and administers all county debt transactions.

Central Services:
The Central Services Department provides procurement, risk management and central support services by working in partnership with county divisions, departments, employees and suppliers. The department also provides support services to the business operations within the county.