Duties & Responsibilities

The Office of the Court Administrator is a local position created by the Constitution of the State of Minnesota. The office is the highest judicial administrative office on the county level and as such serves as the official keeper of the records for all case types filed in Anoka County. The maintenance of physical files and trial exhibits rests with staff as well as the responsibility for collecting and accounting for millions of dollars in fees, fines, surcharges, and assessments. The funds, once properly collected, are distributed to municipalities, the county, the state, and a large variety of other agencies and special interests by state law.

Associations With the Legal System

Court Administration is the agency which interacts most frequently with the public during their associations with the legal system. Whether managing the jury system or explaining the details of conciliation court forms to prospective litigants, Court Administration is the contact point for citizens accessing the courts on the county level.

Learn more about the Court Administrator's Office by visiting the Tenth Judicial District page on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.


Anoka County District Court is a general jurisdiction unified trial court with 16 resident judges who hear all types of cases including criminal, family, civil, juvenile, probate, and conciliation court. The courts in Anoka County all operate out of the Courthouse in downtown Anoka. Other courts in Minnesota include:

  • The Minnesota Supreme Court
  • The Minnesota Court of Appeals
  • The Minnesota Tax Court and Worker's Compensation Court of Appeals
  • Federal Court System

To learn more about these courts, visit the Minnesota Judicial Branch website.