Water Information and Management

Water Education

Anoka county sponsors the Metro Area Children’s Water Festival, an annual event that is held on the last Wednesday of September since 1998. The Festival provides water education to fourth-grade students throughout the metropolitan area.

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Know The Flow

Know The Flow is an education and outreach program by local agencies in Anoka County to provide residents, businesses and property owners with information regarding the water resources that is on land (streams, lakes, rivers and wetlands) and the groundwater under homes and businesses.

Water Resources Management Report

Anoka County maintains a Water Resources Management Report (PDF) produced by the Public Health and Environmental Services Department through a collaboration with local natural resources, environmental, educational, and public health agencies. The Report provided guidance for a comprehensive approach to protection and management of local water resources.

Water Resources Management Task Force

Anoka County’s natural resources, environment, education and public health agencies and organizations have established a Water Resources Task Force that monitors local water resources and collaborates with state and local agencies and organizations to address water protection and management issues.