Outstanding Judgments

The public computer terminals in the Court Administration File Room may be used to access information on outstanding judgments, which include money owed by debtors to creditors. Many agencies such as abstract companies, credit bureaus, etc. collect judgment information from the public files.

For additional information visit the Self Help Center on the Minnesota Judicial Branch website or visit the Anoka County Law Library.

The life span of a judgment is 10 years or until it has been paid and a "satisfaction" document is filed with Court Administration. You may also access court records using the Internet by following the online instructions.

Judgment Search Certificate Information

Judgment searches are not conducted via the telephone. Judgment searches may be requested in person at the Judgment counter in Anoka County Court Administration during regular business hours or by mail when accompanied by a prepaid fee for each search certificate requested. That means a fee will be charged per name or per any variation of the name. The goal is to process these judgment search requests within 24 hours.

Judgment-Related Fees

View judgment-related fees for services such as those listed here:

  • Assignment of Judgment
  • Default Judgment
  • Exemplified / Authenticated Copy
  • Foreign Judgment
  • Judgment Search Certificate
  • Order for Disclosure
  • Order to Show Cause
  • Partial Satisfaction of Judgment
  • Satisfaction of Judgment
  • Transcript - Issued
  • Transcript - to Docket
  • Writ of Execution