Job Search Workshop Descriptions

Creative Job Search Workshop (CJS)-2 Days
 An interactive, skills-based two-day workshop includes wide variety of topics from job loss, resume styles, cover letters, skills, references, networking, cold calling, salary negotiation and interviewing. This class is for those with a specific job goal and 20 identified related skills. Involves hands-on learning through small and large group discussion, individual exercises, presentation, and videotaping. To gain the most benefit, you are encouraged to attend both days. 

Career Exploration -2 Days
Identify your current skills, interests and values. Learn the process for determining short/long range employment goals and career goals. 

Managing Personal Change -1 Day
Career change? Job Loss? Whether expected or unexpected, changes of all types interrupt our lives. They leave us not knowing what to expect or how to proceed, yet we must find a way to keep moving forward. Learn how to better manage your personal transition, persevere in these challenging times and build resilience.

Taking Charge of your Job Search -2 Days
This workshop covers the most up-to-date and effective job search methods and provides opportunities for hands-on learning. Topics include working with recruiters, researching companies and industries, job boards, social media, creating a network off and online, the hidden job market and more. You will leave with a personalized job search plan.

Resume Writing - Creating Your Resume  -1 Day
This is a “hands-on” workshop during which you will actually draft a resume. Instructors will provide you with guidance throughout a step by step process. (This workshop does not require any computer skills.) You will learn about using key words in your resume and using scannable and text resumes. Knowing your job goal is required, bring a current job posting of interest.

Resume Advanced - Polishing Your Resume -1 Day
*Must have a clear job goal. *Bring a hard/paper copy of your resume and a job posting you are interested in.*
Your resume will be reviewed by instructors and participants. Get tips on how to turn your resume into a marketing tool.

Interviewing Advanced -1 Day
This workshop is an opportunity for you to practice answering tough interview questions in a safe learning environment. In addition, you will be given tips and techniques for managing phone and panel interviews, body language and those often troublesome behavioral questions. Sign up and begin to take your interviewing skill to a new level!

Job Search Over 40 -1 Day
Job search techniques for the mature worker.

LinkedIn-Getting Started -2 Days
 (Must set up your LinkedIn account before attending.)
Day 1: LinkedIn Start Up: become familiar with its many options. Learn how to navigate and draft your profile.

Day 2: Leveraging LinkedIn for Job Search Networking: showcase your expertise, look for jobs, build/use your network to help research information that will assist you in finding a job. For LinkedIn to be an asset, be an active member.