How to Get Involved

Homelessness does exist in Anoka County, even though it may be a little more difficult to identify than a typical large city. The Continuum of Care Committee has successfully worked continually to increase awareness of homelessness in Anoka County.

The community recognizes the growing problem of homelessness, and now the question is, "What can I do to help?"

Awareness, Advocacy, Action


Persons who are homeless lack a safe, stable, permanent place to live. Without stable housing, persons often struggle in other areas of basic living, such as mental health, holding a steady job, or looking for a job.

Know the signs that someone may be at risk of homelessness:

  • Inconsistent work history (e.g. hired/fired, hours consistently reduced)
  • Struggling financially
  • Behavior that may indicate mental health problems
  • Behavior that may indicate potential substance problems
  • Domestic violence victim
  • Veterans
  • Deteriorating family relationships


Support community investments in affordable housing:

  • Dedicated funding to address homelessness
  • Creation of a Homeless Trust Fund
  • Zoning actions that create affordable units in new/redeveloped properties
  • Call for employers to pay a living wage


Learn about your community resources:

To become involved in Anoka County's homeless planning groups, contact Michele Reid, Continuum of Care Coordinator at 763-323-5707.

To learn more about state and national initiatives or to become involved, contact any of the following agencies: