Liquor License

This information applies only to Linwood Township.  An application must be approved by Linwood Township Board before submitting to Anoka County.  All applications must be submitted a minimum of two months in advance of the event.

All other liquor licensing in the county are handled by the cities.

How To Obtain

  • Fill out all three pages of the Liquor License application form and the Certification of Compliance form.
  • The application form must also be signed by a Notary Public.
  • Submit the required forms with fee to the Vital Records Office (in person or via mail).

Required Forms

You can also pick up the application and certification forms at the Vital Records Office or request that the application and certification forms be sent to you

Required Identification

Notarization requires a Driver's License or State Identification Card.

Required Fees

  • Temporary Beer Event - $50
  • Temporary Liquor Event - $75