About 4-H

Learning to make healthy choices is at the core of 4-H youth development’s basic values. “Health” is, after all, the 4th “H” following Head, Heart and Hands. 4-H has become a national leader in health related educational issues, including chemical health, mental and emotional health, foods and nutrition, physical health and safety. Our Anoka County 4-H Clover Dash 5k and 2 Mile Walk is an event that celebrates this important aspect of our program but also serves a crucial purpose of fundraising to support scholarship dollars for Anoka County youth to join 4-H and have greater access to the wealth of opportunities within our program. 4-H welcomes all boys and girls, no matter where they live. Youth can join 4-H when they are in kindergarten and continue to one year past high school. Funds raised from this event help all youth and adults involved in the Anoka County 4-H program by keeping program/event costs low and providing much needed scholarship support for 4-H membership and event participation!

You know that our youth face some staggering issues, from education and work-force preparedness to the current health and obesity crisis. But did you know that 4-H is uniquely equipped to help youth overcome these challenges? 4-H programming is developed using rigorous educational standards, and is designed to nurture youth into becoming innovators and leaders. Research shows that this programming gives youth a significant advantage compared to those not in 4-H:

  • 4-H youth achieve higher marks in school
  • 4-H youth are more likely to attend college
  • 4-H youth are 56% more likely to exercise and be physically active
  • 4-H youth are more likely to be civically active

Exciting things are happening in Anoka County 4-H today. 4-H lets kids try new skills and express themselves through fun hands-on activities. Working on projects helps connect kids with their friends, families, communities, and the world. 4-H helps kids gain confidence and develop life skills that will help them be successful. All the programs within 4-H are designed to help youth increase leadership skills, develop public speaking techniques, foster self-confidence and personal empowerment, teach a sense of responsibility and more.

In its first year, the 4-H Clover Dash raised over $2,000 for Anoka County 4-H to help provide greater access to programs for 4-H members. Last year, in our 9th year, we were thrilled that we raised over $18,000! Support for the 4-H Clover Dash ensures continuation of educational youth development programs to help youth learn important life skills and to become responsible, productive citizens.

4-H Members