Reuse is using something again. Through reuse, we get more value out of an item by extending its life and eliminate the need for a new item. Conventional reuse is where an item is used again for the same function, and creative reuse is where an item is used for a different function.

How is reuse different from recycling? 
Recycling, or down-cycling, involves breaking down a used item into raw materials, which are then re-processed to make new items. Recycling takes more energy and resources than reuse.

Learn more about reuse at ReUSE Minnesota.

Resusable Bag placed in Car

Think reuse. If you can't reuse an item consider selling, donating or giving it away.
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Environmental Protection Agency

Rental Tables and Chairs

Rent or Borrow
Save space and money by renting items. Find a rental store near you.
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Fixing a Bike

Extend an items useful life by repairing it. YouTube offers thousands of "how to" videos and other sites offer resources for fixing everything from appliances and heating and air systems to automobiles and lawn mowers. You can also contact the manufacturer of your item for assistance and troubleshooting.
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Repair Clinic

Have your item repaired at a Fix-it Clinic.