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U.S. Highway 10/169 Corridor Improvements: These are strategic, lower cost/high benefit investments that achieve our vision of converting U.S. Highway 10 into a Hybrid Suburban Expressway.


This U.S. Highway 10/169 corridor is plagued with significant congestion and crash issues involving all modes of traffic (vehicles, trucks, pedestrians, trains).


  • On average, crash occurs every other day on this small stretch of U.S. Highway 10/169
  • 13 fatalities, including 4 pedestrians happened in the 10 years of the study period
  • Over 2x crash rate/3x severity rate of comparable corridors


  • This corridor carries over 60,000 vehicles per day
  • Travel speeds are a third of the posted limit in rush hours
  • One + mile traffic backups morning and evening rush hours
  • Crashes, trains, emergency responders and weather significantly impact travel time

Benefits of Investment - Route Reliability

  • Cut rush hour drive time in half
  • Elimination of 4 signals and multiple hours of congestion
  • Reduction of 1.5 crashes per week
  • Key railroad grade separation
  • Integral pedestrian accommodations

We Must Act Now:

The price of inaction is steep. No investment leads to continued congestion, inefficient movement of goods and services, and continued severe and fatal crashes.

MnDOT has no funding for the improvement of this corridor in the foreseeable future. Due to the magnitude of the problem, Anoka County, in partnership with the Cities of Anoka, Coon Rapids, Ramsey and Andover, request funding assistance to implement the corridor vision NOW. The investment will pay for itself countless times over as fatalities will be eliminated and a reliable route will be provided.



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* Information provided from "Highway 10 Access Planning Study-Study Report"
dated September 12, 2014