Watercraft Registration

Minnesota Statute 86B.301 requires that watercraft owned by Minnesota residents must be licensed unless exempt. A public use watercraft license is valid for three years from the year of issuance. Watercraft registration runs from January 1 through December 31.

How To Renew Watercraft Registration

Watercraft registration can be renewed by the owner at any Anoka County License Center. If you wish to renew someone else’s registration, you will need either the renewal post card from the DNR or a completed permission slip (This form needs to be accompanied by either a 1.) Legible copy of the registered owner state issued driver’s license or ID in addition to their signature or 2.) Signed by the registered owner and notarized. Please note, spouses must also fill out the attached form if they do not possess the renewal card.)

How To Obtain Initial Watercraft Registration

A watercraft license can be purchased by the owner, in person, at any Anoka County License Center.

Transfers of titled watercraft must take place on the Minnesota or foreign state title.

A Non-titled watercraft being transferred must be done with a bill of sale, with signatures of both buyer and seller, and have all the watercraft information.

The owner must provide:

  • Make
  • Model
  • Year
  • Length (in feet and inches)
  • Serial number of the watercraft - hull ID
  • Motor size (if applicable)
  • Registration number (if currently registered in MN)

Required Forms

Title, if applicable. For a new watercraft, bring the manufacturer’s statement of origin (MSO) or manufacturer’s certificate of origin (MCO). You must be able to show, with a receipt that state sales tax has been paid, or sales tax will be collected at the time of registration.

Required Identification

You must provide a valid Driver’s License or Identification Card.

Required Fees

Fees vary according to according to type, length, and use of craft. Exact pricing cannot be determined until all documents have been examined by a License Center representative.