Central Power Distributors


What: Implementation of a single stream recycling program.

Why: To reduce the amount of material in their trash and have a positive impact on the environment.

How: Partnering with Waste Wise and Walters to secure recycling services and strong internal collection procedures.

Results: Diverting an estimated 57,800 pounds of mixed recyclables annually.


Central Power Distributors (CPD) in Anoka Minnesota is a wholesale distributor of engine parts, lawn and garden parts, and other equipment and accessories. Samantha Thum, the Inside Sales Coordinator for CPD, first contacted Minnesota Waste Wise because she was interested in starting a single stream recycling program and wanted professional assistance. Following an on-site meeting in June of 2014, Waste Wise laid out a plan for implementation of a new recycling program and provided CPD with the tools to be effective immediately. Walters Recycling and Refuse was able to add recycling service without hassle and with the addition of recycling bins and informative signage, CPD was able to divert significant volumes of recyclable material.

Although they haven’t yet realized cost savings, CPD is excited to be doing the right thing for the environment. Samantha was proud to report that their 4 yard recycling dumpster was full at every pick-up, resulting in an estimated 57,800 pounds of recyclable materials being diverted from their waste stream annually. Waste Wise is encouraging CPD to continue to monitor their trash levels to see if they can reduce service levels in the future and save money.

Assisting in the addition of a successful recycling program is the first step in what Waste Wise hopes will be an ongoing relationship. As a distributor of heavy equipment and tools, CPD has other unique opportunities for waste diversion including significant amounts of plastic film. Waste Wise is eager to assist CPD in finding a responsible outlet for this material that isn’t cost prohibitive, and continue aiding CPD in their goals of reducing waste and having a positive impact on the environment.