Child and Teen Checkups

Regular Checkups are an important part of keeping your children healthy.  Regular checkups help to find and treat health problems early and build healthy habits through childhood and beyond!

Children and teens, birth through age 20, who are eligible for Medical Assistance or a Medical Assistance Health Plan can get regular checkups for free.  We call these Child and Teen Checkups.

Call your child’s regular doctor today and ask for a Child and Teen Checkup!

If you have questions or need help finding a doctor or dentist, call the Child and Teen Checkups Program at 763-324-4280 for assistance.  If you need an interpreter please let us know and we can find one to assist you.

For more information check out our printable brochures, available in English, Spanish, Russian, or Arabic

Child and Teen Checkups Brochure-English







  1. Learn about our program{learn}

    We can help you connect with a clinic that provides Child and Teen Checkups.  Once you get there you can expect:
    • A complete physical exam
    • Hearing and vision checks
    • Needed lab tests and immunizations
    • Checks on development and growth
    • Referral to a dentist
    • Information about physical and mental health, behavior and development
    These complete health checks also meet health requirements for Head Start, school, sports, or day care.
  2. Schedule an Exam{schedule}

    Call your regular clinic to schedule a checkup at the following ages:

    ·     Between birth and 1 month

    ·     At 2, 4, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, and 30 months

    ·     Every year from ages 3-20, or more often if needed


    Call us if you don’t have a clinic and would like help finding one.

  3. Just for Teens{teens}

    Checkups are important for teens too!  Whether you live with your family or on your own, the Child and Teen Checkups Program can help you stay current with your health care needs.  Information about your mental, sexual, and physical health, is confidential, as well as your concerns and your medical care.


    Our staff can help you schedule a Child and Teen Checkup or you can call your own clinic to make an appointment.  These services and health checks are free to you with your Medical Assistance. 

  4. Participating Clinics and Health Care Resources{clinics}

    See the documents below for Medical, Dental, and Mental Health Clinics and resources in Anoka County and the surrounding areas.

    Medical Provider and Resource Brochure

    Medical Provider and Resource Brochure-Spanish

    Dental Provider and Resource Brochure

    Dental Provider and Resource Brochure-Spanish
    Mental Health Provider and Resource Brochure 

    Mental Health Provider and Resource Brochure-Spanish


  5. Assistance with Interpreters and Transportation{assistance}

    Interpreters and transportation are available for Child and Teen Checkups.  If you have a health plan or straight Medical Assistance call your plan’s member services number. 

    Medical Assistance:  651-431-2670

    Blue Plus:  1-800-711-9862

    HealthPartners:  952-967-7998

    UCare:  612-676-3200

    United Healthcare:  1-888-269-5410

  6. Health Plan Incentives: Get rewarded for keeping up with your health care!{incentives}

    Anoka County’s health plans offer incentives for certain health services.  Follow the links below for current information on incentives offered through the health plans.

    Health Plan Guide

    Health Plan Guide-Spanish

    Blue Plus:


     *select Prepaid Medical Assistance (PMAP)

    United Healthcare:

  7. Other Community Resources{resources}

    Do you need a little help finding food, clothing, childcare, housing, or other resources?  See the resources below to help you get started.

    Who to Call Phone Numbers
    Who to Call Phone Numbers-Spanish

    Anoka County Public Immunization Clinic Schedules - available in English, Arabic, Hmong, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese

    Food Resource Guide-English

    Resource Flip Chart-Englis

  8. Want to Refer Someone to Child and Teen Checkups?{refer}

    Do you know someone that could use a little help figuring out their Medical Assistance and getting their family in for Child and Teen Checkups?  We are happy to make home visits to help families keep up with their health care needs.  Complete the referral form below for a family that could benefit from our services and we will contact them to schedule a home visit.

     Child and Teen Checkups Referral Form  - at this time you can return this referral form by fax, mail, or email to

    If your organization works with families with children and teens who receive health care benefits through Medical Assistance, allow us to assist you in making sure those families' health care needs are met and covered.  We also do community outreach and presentations for children, teens, and parents to help them understand the importance of regular checkups and connect with providers.  Please call us at 763-324-4280.