Pre-approval of documents

Chapter 508 of Minnesota Statutes provides that certain instruments may not be accepted for filing by the Registrar unless certified by the Examiner (or Deputy Examiner) or pursuant to a Court Order.

The Anoka County Examiner of Titles does not pre-approve documents before closing. Documents submitted to the Registrar of Titles are reviewed by the Registrar/Torrens staff and then delivered to the examiner for approval before recording.

The Examiner of Titles does not charge any additional fees (recording fees apply) for approving documents.

Documents submitted for recording (Registrar of Titles)

Documents needing examiner review/approval include:

  • Attorney’s liens
  • Bankruptcy documents
  • Certificate of Redemption
  • Deed/Plat from county/city/school district
  • Deed/Plat from religious corporations
  • Discharge of Notice of Lis Pendens
  • Decree of Marriage Dissolution (no deed)
  • Affidavit after TODD with/without Certificate of Clearance
  • Renewal of Medical Assistance Lien
  • Notice of Adverse Claim
  • Notice of Lis Pendens
  • Order Granting Name Change
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Probate documents
  • Trust documents
  • Money Judgment/Satisfaction of Money Judgment
  • Certificate of Clearance with/without Affidavit of TODD
  • Declaration/Supplemental Amendment to Declaration


No fees are charged for examiner services (except for Initial Registrations).  Recording fees for the Registrar of Titles can be found online (PDF). Tenth Judicial District Court fees can be found online.

Proceedings Subsequent to Initial Registration Hearings

Attendance is not required at the hearing except to object to the entry of the order as stated within the Order to Show Cause document.

Hearings are held Thursdays at 1:00 p.m. remotely via WebEx.  Please refer to the Examiner of Titles hearing calendar to verify the date you are interested in.

If you wish to object to the entry of an Order, you must 

  • Contact Tracy Ekberg via email at tracy.ekberg@anokacountymn.gov at least three days prior to the hearing date.  If you wish to attend the remote hearing, the Court will email you the WebEx link at least one business day before the hearing.  The Minnesota Judicial Branch uses strict security controls for all remote technology when conducting remote hearings.   For more information on remote hearings, visit https://mncourts.gov/remote-hearings or call (763) 760-6700;
  • Your email requesting access to the remote hearing MUST include (1) your name, (2) mailing address, (3) email address, (4) telephone number AND, (5) the court file number;
  • If an objection is filed, the matter will be a contested case and assigned to a judge.

Transfer on  Death Deed (TODD)

Transfer on Death Deed by Unmarried Grantor Owner (MS 507.071)  Form 10.8.1 (PDF)
Transfer on Death Deed by Married Grantor Owner who is Sole Spouse in Title  Form 10.8.2 (PDF)
Transfer on Death Deed by Married Grantor Owners Owning Property as Joint Tenants (MS 507.071)  Form 10.8.3 (PDF)
Transfer on Death Deed Statutory form  Form 10.8.4 (PDF)
Clearance  Certificate for Public/Medical Assistance Claim  Form 10.8.9 (PDF)
Affidavit of Identity and Survivorship for Transfer on Death Deed  Form 50.2.3 (PDF)

Forms 10.8.9 and 50.2.3 are used after the grantor on the TODD whose death is the condition of transfer has died.

NOTE:  10.8.9 is specific to a TODD under 507.071 (PDF) Subd. 3 and addresses claims under 5 sections of Minnesota Statutes; the Notice to Commissioner under 524.3-801 (PDF) for probates addresses claims under 4 sections.