Oak Grove Recycling

Call 763-404-7000 regarding curbside recycling, recycling center and seasonal recycling events. Watch for your city newsletter.

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Curbside recycling is available to all residents. For specific questions on curbside recycling or a missed collection, call your hauler, hold items until your next recycling day or take them to the recycling center.

Oak Grove map

Oak Grove Recycling Center
19045 Main Street NW Across from Lifelong Learning Center
Open daily, 24 hours
Place all materials in appropriate containers.

Materials accepted:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Boxboard – cake, cereal, chip & cracker boxes; remove liners, place with newspapers in large roll-off container
  • Corrugated Cardboard – flatten and place in large roll-off container; NO food, pizza, pop boxes or plastic-coated corrugated
  • Glass – jars and bottles ONLY; rinse, remove all lids and rings, sort by color - clear, brown, green
  • Mixed Paper - mail, newspaper & supplements; place in large roll-off container; NO tissues or paper milk cartons
  • Used Oil (Motor) – NO gasoline, solvents or water; pour carefully into tank & take container home for reuse; RESIDENTS ONLY
  • Used Oil Filters – drained; place in container provided; RESIDENTS ONLY
  • Plastic – PETE #1 (pop & liquor bottles) and HDPE #2 (semi-transparent milk/water/juice jugs); rinse, remove lids and rings
  • Shredded paper - in sealed paper bags; place in large roll-off container
  • Steel Food Cans – rinse and remove labels

Yard/Tree Waste Curbside Collection
Call your hauler for collection service and fee information.

Christmas Trees Curbside Collection
Call your hauler for collection service and fee information.

Oak Grove City Hall, 19900 Nightingale Street NW, Cedar MN
Items accepted during business hours at city hall:

  • Cell Phones
  • Eyeglasses
  • Hearing Aides
  • Keys

Residential Recycling & Refuse Haulers
Ace Solid Waste, Inc. 763-427-3110
LePage & Sons 763-757-7100
Waste Management of MN 952-890-1100