Public Assistance Forms

AREP Authorization form for SNAP, CASH, Medical (DOC)

DHS 5893 Application for Certificate of Clearance for Medical Assistance Claim - Transfer on Death Deed (PDF)

DHS 6165A Application for Certificate of Clearance for Medical Assistance Claims - Decree of Descent (PDF)

DHS 3549 General Consent/Authorization for Release of Information (PDF)

 GEN 12 Employment Verification Stop Work

GEN 12 Employment Verification Start Work

GEN 205 Emergency Programs Release Form

DHS 2952 Authorization for Release of Information About Residence and Shelter Expenses

State forms can be found at: Minnesota Department of Human Services Website

Document Drop Off Locations (Effective April 10)

Anoka County is now accepting a variety of paperwork at three county locations and only vehicle tab renewals at two others. The locations accepting paperwork including vehicle tab renewals, property tax documents, child support and economic assistance applications, and reporting forms are:

Paperwork that CANNOT be accepted at drop boxes are documents related to legal service, litigation, or court matters. If your child support, economic assistance (EA), or property tax paperwork involves a petition or claim to the Anoka County Attorney, those documents MUST be served on the County Attorney. Please see your child support/EA paperwork for service by mail directions regarding legal proceedings. Questions about legal documents can be directed to the County Attorney’s Office: 763-324-5550.

Paperwork can also be submitted by email to You may also mail any paperwork to our mailing address listed on this page.

Contact Us

  1. EZ Info

    Ph: 763-422-7200
    Call this number for Adult and Family intake information.

    Anoka County Government Center

    2100 3rd Ave.
    Suite 400
    Anoka, MN  55303


    Adult Intake

      Ph: 763-422-7200
      Fax: 763-324-3620


    Child Support

      Ph: 763-324-2420
      Fax: 763-324-3990

    Blaine Human Services Center

    1201 NE 89th Ave.
    Suite 400
    Blaine, MN 55434


    Family Intake

      Ph: 763-422-7200
      Fax: 763-324-3630

    Funeral Funds

    Ph: 763-324-2430

    MN Dept. of Human Services Website