Workplace Wellness

Anoka County SHIP is taking a comprehensive approach to promoting health in workplaces. SHIP supports businesses by providing tools and technical assistance to help create a culture of health at work when organizations don’t have the capacity to develop workplace wellness programs from the ground up.

Employers that partner with Anoka County SHIP will learn about strategies to help employees quit smoking, eat healthier, get more physical activity, manage stress, and support breastfeeding.

Organizations interested in receiving grant funds from Anoka County SHIP can find more details about partnering with SHIP at the Workplace Wellness Grants tab.

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Workplace Wellness Partners

SHIP works to bring employee wellness activities to over 1,000 employees by partnering with multiple worksites across the county. Anoka County worksites include:

  • Anoka County Community Action Program (ACCAP)
  • Achieve Inc.
  • Alexandra House
  • Columbia Heights Public Schools
  • Fridley Public Schools
  • Lee Carlson Center
  • Lino Lakes Elementary
  • Stepping Stones Emergency Housing
  • And many more!


Healthy Eating

Provide fresh, healthy foods on site and in meetings, allowing individuals to make healthy food choices as part of their daily lives.

Breastfeeding Support

Reduce barriers to breastfeeding for nursing mothers returning to work by providing a safe, clean, and private space for mothers to express milk.

Physical Activity

Create opportunities to be active during the workday, by increasing access to on-site physical activity equipment, programs, and encourage active commuting.

Tobacco Free Living

Eliminate tobacco use at work, and reduce the number of tobacco users in the workplace by offering smoking cessation support.

Fact Sheets and Success Stories

We are happy to share impact data from the evaluation of our workplace strategy, including fact sheets and highlighting the success stories of our partners.

Workplace Wellness Fact Sheet
Success Story - TE Connectivity