CSAH 13 (Cedar Drive NW) Bridge Replacement Project

Project Background/Description

Anoka County is currently working on preliminary plans for the rehabilitation of 0.75 miles of CSAH 13 (Cedar Drive NW) from County Road 22 (Viking Boulevard NW) to just south of the BNSF railroad tracks and the replacement of the CSAH 13 Bridge over Cedar Creek in the City of Oak Grove. The roadway is in poor condition and in need of repair. The timber bridge, originally constructed in 1966, requires a posted weight limit restricting truck and equipment access and travel on a county road that serves regional travel and local access.

The project will provide a new road foundation and paved road surface, northbound turn lane and southbound bypass lanes at 198th Lane NW, and a new box culvert bridge over Cedar Creek. The new bridge replacement will remove a load posted structure from the county transportation system.

Project Location Map

Location Map

Project Schedule

Below is an overview of the project schedule identifying key milestones in the process:

  • Preliminary Project Layout – May to July 2018
  • Public Meeting – June 26, 2018 (see details below)
  • Identification of Property Impacts – May to July 2018
  • Final Bridge Design & Road Plans – July to October 2018
  • Construction – June to September 2019

Public Involvement and Agency Meetings

Various stakeholders, ranging from permitting agencies (i.e., MnDNR, MnDOT, URRWMO, etc.) to residents and property owners adjacent the project area, have an interest in the development of the project. The County recognizes that these interests vary in perspective and will consider information and feedback provided by these stakeholders when making decisions on final improvements.

Agency and public involvement meetings throughout the design process will include:

  • Project Management Team Meetings
  • Agency Coordination Meetings
  • Presentations at City and County Council Meetings
  • Public Information Meetings

These meetings will be scheduled throughout the project’s development. More information regarding the various meeting groups is included below:

Project Management Team (PMT) Meetings

Members of this team will include; staff from Anoka County, the City of Oak Grove, and consultants preparing the preliminary and final designs for this project.

The purpose of the PMT will be to; meet periodically to provide feedback on the proposed project, and to keep their various councils and/or boards informed on the needs to support the project.

Agency Coordination Meetings

Various agencies will have concerns regarding resources that may be impacted due to the project. The County and City will meet with the individual agencies throughout the project development to gain an understanding of their concerns and work through possible mitigation strategies or design improvements necessary to reach a consensus.

Presentations at Council Meetings

Anoka County and project staff will present project information at city council meetings and/or workshops to inform and solicit input from elected officials about the proposed project.

Public Information Meetings

Tuesday, June 26
4:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Oak Grove City Hall
19900 Nightingale Street NW, Oak Grove, MN

Notifications were sent out two weeks prior to landowners and residents within a half mile of the project area. In addition, this website will be updated with announcements of the upcoming meetings.

Check back for public information meeting notices and materials presented as the meeting date approaches and after the meeting.

Open House Notices
Handouts from Open House

Project Contacts

If you have any quest­­­ions about the proposed project or would like to comment on any aspect of the project, please contact any of the representatives below:

Elizabeth Markose, Engineer II
763-324-3116; Elizabeth.markose@co.anoka.mn.us

Joe MacPherson, County Engineer
763-324-3199; joe.macpherson@co.anoka.mn.us

Pete Lemke, Senior Transportation Project Manager (Bolton & Menk)
612-759-3883; petele@bolton-menk.com