Learn More About The Lethality Assessment Program

Anoka County is fully committed to taking a proactive approach to address the issue of domestic violence, with a focus on identifying and assisting those victims at greatest risk for injury or death.  A federal grant through the Department of Justice Office of Violence Against Women was awarded to Anoka County in 2010 that supported the development and implementation of the Lethality Assessment Program. 

Anoka County’s Lethality Assessment Program seeks to enhance victim safety and offender accountability through:

  • Identifying victims at greatest risk and immediately connecting them to an advocate from the scene at the initial law enforcement response;
  • Increasing ongoing victim services in high-risk cases;
  • Making information related to the victim’s risk available to the courts;
  • Having a system in place to monitor pre-trial high-risk offenders; and
  • Ensuring cases move more quickly through the court system.

The Lethality Assessment Screening Tool, conducted at the initial law enforcement response to a domestic abuse incident, provides an avenue to reach those at greatest risk by assessing for potential danger and immediately connecting high-risk victims to advocacy services at Alexandra House.  The screening tool, which is transmitted to the court along with the police report, provides those involved with the criminal justice system insight into the victim’s history of abuse and the future risks posed by the abuser. 

Anoka County’s Lethality Assessment Program goes even further with the Intensive Domestic Assault Pre-Trial Program (IDAPP).  This is an Anoka County Corrections program that focuses on reducing risk to victims and the community by supervising high-risk offenders while their case is pending.

Please click the links for detailed information on Anoka County's Lethality Assessment Program and the response to domestic abuse.