Report a Concern or Request a Service

Use these forms to report a concern on an Anoka County road. If you’re not sure the issue is on a county road, see how to determine who is responsible.

Mailbox Damaged by Snowplow

Use the mailbox damaged by snowplow reporting form.

Mailboxes and Garbage Cans During a Snow Event
Anoka County has over 1,700 lane miles of roadway to clear during each snow event. Therefore, each Anoka County plow driver averages between 80 and 125 lane miles of plowing snow from the roadways during each event. Please rest assured that our plow drivers do not intentionally hit your mailbox, or knock over your garbage can!   Heavy, wet snow is usually the culprit in both of those scenarios.

If you are concerned about your garbage can getting hit by the plow, please do not set it out the evening before your scheduled pickup during a snow event, wait to place your garbage can on the roadway in the morning.   Also, because garbage truck arms extend out about 6 feet, the can could be placed just a bit further back from the roadway, so the weight of the snow from the plow doesn’t topple it.

If your mailbox does get hit by one of our plow trucks, please call our office at 763-324-3100 to report it.   Anoka County will replace the mailbox to our specifications.  Please note we will only replace your mailbox if hit by one of our trucks, we will not replace it if hit by another vehicle/accident.  

Pothole Reporting

Use the pothole reporting form to report a pothole on a county road. State highways and interstate roadways, including entrance and exit ramps, are maintained by Minnesota Department of Transportation; see report a pothole on a state highway online.

Report a Dead Animal

Use this form to report a dead animal on a county road.

Report a County Traffic Signal or Sign Issue

Use this form for traffic issues such as signal problems or for a damaged sign. To report signal outages or sign knockdowns during business hours, call our office at 763-324-3100. Outside of business hours, please call 911.

Report a County Roadway Concern

Use this form to report other county roadway concerns.

Report an Illicit Discharge

As part of our municipal separate storm sewer system (MS4) Stormwater Pollution Protection Program (SWPPP), please call the Highway Department at 763-324-3100 during normal business hours to report an illicit discharge.

City Street Issues

To report a street maintenance, signage or street lighting issue on a city street, contact the proper authority in your city.

How Do I Remove Striping Paint from my Vehicle?

Anoka County uses a waterborne latex paint for the yellow and white roadway lines. If you get paint on your vehicle, it should be removed as soon as possible. Some suggestions for removal are:

  • Use a pressure washer found at a self-service car wash. If done immediately, it should remove all of the paint from the vehicle without damaging the vehicle’s finish.
  • Use a solution of hot water, ammonia (one cup per gallon of water) and soap. The area with paint may need to be soaked multiple times until the paint softens, so it can be rinsed off.
  • Using isopropyl alcohol on a soft rag and pressing it against the painted area will also soften the paint so it can be rinsed.

Claim Information

Anoka County is not responsible for the cost of removing traffic paint from vehicles that cross wet roadway lines, nor any damage caused by owner while attempting to remove the paint.  However, the county will allow you to present your information by filling out a Claim Questionnaire. Fill out the questionnaire, return it to the Anoka County Risk Management Office, and someone from the County Risk Management Department will contact you.

Anoka County Claims Process Instructions and Questionnaire


Along with several cities, Anoka County watches for problems reported through the SeeClickFix website. You can learn more about SeeClickFix and see the Anoka County watch area online.

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