Clean Out Responsibly

Finding yourself re-evaluating your stuff while spending more time at home? You are not alone! Here’s what you can do with unwanted items in the current situation:

  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW): Products that contain the words “Caution”, “Warning”, “Danger” or “Poison” do not belong in the trash. See our webpage for details.
  • Donations: Many local donation centers are not open due to the Stay-at-Home Order. Be sure to check with your local donation center to see if/when they are accepting donations. If it’s not urgent, hold onto it for now. Set things like clothing and furniture aside to donate later. Never drop off items at closed locations or leave items outside donation drop boxes.
  • Bulky Items - Recyclable: Scrap metal, mattresses, appliances and electronics can be recycled but must be taken to special drop-off locations. Many recycling centers are closed or operating at reduced hours so you may need to hang onto the item until they reopen. Search for these items in the Recycling and Disposal Directory to find options.
  • Bulky Items - Trash: Check with your hauler about options for disposing of large items that can’t be donated, recycled or don’t fit in your trash cart. Or you can self-haul it to a public transfer station. Search ’Garbage’ in the Recycling and Disposal Directory for options.
  • Yard Waste: Anoka County’s yard waste sites are operating as scheduled.There is no charge for yard waste and open to Anoka County residents, see our webpage for details.  Do not put yard waste in your trash – it’s illegal. While dropping off materials at the sites, please practice appropriate social distancing with staff and other site users.
  • Cleaning Products: Be sure to use cleaning products safely. Don’t mix products unless you know it’s safe. See our webpage for details.