CDCS Trainings

New Participant Orientation

Supplemental Trainings

Expense Categories (49:26)

  • Waiver Criteria and Decision Making
  • Personal Assistance Category (Staffing) incl. job descriptions, wage rules
  • Treatment and Training Category incl. therapies, classes, camps
  • Environmental Modifications & Provisions Category incl. equipment, supplies, modifications
  • Self-Direction Support Activities Category incl. fees
  • MA Home Care Services Category incl. PCA, nursing
  • Unallowables

Paying a Parent of a Minor or Spouse (23:14)
  • Criteria
  • Requirements
  • Things to Know – Benefits, Taxes, Staffing Service
  • Increasing Hours
  • Balancing Responsibility

Preparing For the Support Planner/Writing Measurable Goals (20:07)

  • Role of Support Planner
  • What is the CDCS CSP/Best Practices
  • Preparing for SP Visit or Writing Goals
  • Best Practices for Writing Measurable Goals
  • Finding the Right Support Planner

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Benefits (8:33)

  • Overview of Benefits
  • Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Minimum Wage 
  • Net Study 2.0

Increases to the CDCS Budget (18:40)

  • 30% Increase Scenarios
    • Transition from Traditional to CDCS
    • Employment/Day Services incl. post secondary
    • Formal Behavioral Services
    • Moving to a New Home
    • Moving out of an Institution
  • Enhanced Budget/Rate
  • Exception to Home and Vehicle Modification
  • Other

Making Changes to your CDCS Consumer Support Plan (CSP) (24:14)

  • When can changes be made
  • 3 Ways to make changes
  • Changes participants can make themselves
  • Changes case managers can approve themselves
  • Samples

Consumer Support Grant to Waiver (8:58)

  • Eligibility/Considerations
  • Comparison of CSG and Waiver
  • Process of Switching