New Applicants

Anoka County’s online application process allows you to save your application information so that you can apply for jobs without re-entering the same information. 

If you do not have access to a personal computer, listed below are locations where free public computers may be available for use in accessing the online job and application information. Please contact these local organizations directly to confirm hours of operation.

Public computers can be found at:

As you complete the online application and supplemental questionnaire, be sure to emphasize the skills and experience that prepared you most for the type of work for which you are applying. Keep a copy of your completed application for your records. You must submit your application materials no later that 4:30 p.m. on the closing date.

To apply for an opening, complete the online application by clicking “Apply" area on the job announcement and then clicking “New Users.” There are four parts to the application.

Part 1: Registration

This part of your application includes general information about you as an applicant and password entry. After completing the registration, make note of the email you used to register and the password you created. You will use that information to follow up on the status of your application, update your application information, and apply for additional jobs. 

Part 2: Applicant Profile

This section contains information about your employment background and qualifications that will be used to assess how well you match the requirements of the job. It is important that your application show all the relevant education and experience you possess. Applications may be rejected if incomplete. It is beneficial to review and update, if needed, your answers to the core questions for every opening to which you apply.

Part 3: Supplemental Questions

Most online job announcements require you to answer questions related specifically to the position for which you are applying. Answer these questions as completely and accurately as possible If the job does not require you to answer supplemental questions, you will skip Part 3 and the system will take you directly to Part 4.

Part 4: Application Confirmation

When you have successfully completed the online application, you will be taken to a screen which reads, “Your application has been submitted.” This confirms that your application has been submitted to the county‘s database. After it is submitted, your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted if you are selected to move forward in the hiring process. All communication will be via email, so ensure that your email address provided is current and up-to-date.