2021 Projects

Current Detours

  1. June 10, 2021 - August 1, 2021

    City of Lino Lakes
    Westbound CSAH 34 (Birch Street)
      from Birch Court to Hokah Drive
    Road Construction
  2. June 14, 2021 - June 18, 2021

    Cities of Andover and Oak Grove
    CSAH 58 (181st Avenue)
         from Osage Street NW to CSAH 78 (Hanson Blvd NW)
    Culver Replacement

  3. June 19, 2021 - 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

    City of St. Francis
    3772 Bridge Street - from 229th Lane to CSAH 24 (Bridge Street)
    Controlled Burn

2021 Culvert Pipe Replacement Program 

The Culvert Pipe Replacement Schedule is subject to change without warning, due to weather or Emergency Repair Projects.

2021 Projects

109th Avenue (CSAH 12) Pedestrian Ramp Improvement Project

Seven pedestrian ramp pairs will be reconstructed along 109th Ave NE in partnership with MnDOT.  These projects will increase the walkability of the area and give opportunities to local small businesses for the construction.  Construction is planned to begin in July 2021, with each intersection being redone individually.

Birch St (CSAH 34) Recon Project - Hokah Drive through West Shadow Lake Drive

Birch Street will be reconstructed to improve mobility and safety between Hokah Drive and West Shadow Lake Drive. Improvements include constructing two new roundabouts and a center median to divide directional traffic.

Bunker Lake Blvd (CSAH 116) - Armstrong Blvd (CSAH 83) to Sunfish Lake Blvd (CSAH 57)

Bunker Lake Boulevard improvements will better serve the community over the next four years by keeping this road safe for area residents, businesses, and commuters. Changes to Bunker Lake Boulevard are in anticipation of a temporary increase in traffic during Highway 10 construction in 2022-2025.

Bunker Lake Blvd (CSAH 116) & Highway 47 Intersection Improvements

This project will increase intersection capacity by providing additional travel and turn lanes and construct a multi-use trail along a segment of Bunker Lake Boulevard. It will also widen the bridge on Bunker Lake Boulevard, to the east of Highway 47, to accommodate a new turn lane onto northbound Highway 47.

Foley Boulevard (CSAH 11) - BNSF Railway Grade Separation

Foley Boulevard will be reconstructed from East River Road to Coon Rapids Boulevard to be a four-lane divided highway over the BNSF railroad tracks. Additional pedestrian and traffic safety improvements will also be made during this construction.

U.S. Hwy 10/169 Improvements - Anoka Solution - Greater MN Gateway

Proposed Highway 10 and Highway 169 improvements in Anoka, Coon Rapids and Ramsey would reduce congestion, increase safety, and provide a more reliable route through the area.

Highway 10 / Round Lake Blvd Intersection Improvements (Coon Rapids)

MnDOT is replacing the traffic signal system at the interchange of Highway 10 and Round Lake Boulevard and realigning the loop from northbound Round Lake Boulevard to westbound Highway 10. Other improvements include repairs to the Round Lake Boulevard bridge over highway 10, new concrete barrier and sidewalk along with ADA upgrades. Construction is anticipated to begin in June 2021.

Highway 47 and Highway 65 (Columbia Heights to Coon Rapids)

MnDOT is making safety and operational improvements at various intersections along Highway 47 and Highway 65. Construction began in spring 2020 and is anticipated to be complete in 2021.

Highway 47 and Highway 169 (Anoka)

Highway 169 will be resurfaced from the north end of the Mississippi River bridge to Clay Street in Anoka. Highway 47 will be resurfaced from Pleasant Street to just south of Industry Avenue/Bunker Lake Boulevard in Anoka. The project also includes a new curb and gutter and drainage and ADA improvements. Construction is anticipated to begin in July 2021.

Highway 65 and Klondike Drive NE (Cedar and East Bethel)

MnDOT is constructing a Reduced Conflict Intersection (RCI) at Highway 65 and Klondike Drive NE to improve safety and traffic movements. Construction began in April 2021.

I-35W North MnPASS

MnDOT is constructing MnPASS Express Lanes on I-35W between Co. Rd. C in Roseville and Lexington Avenue in Blaine. This work includes repaving I-35W and the ramps between Co. Rd. C in Roseville to just north of Sunset Avenue in Blaine/Lino Lakes, as well bridge repair or replacement and noise wall construction along the project area. Construction in anticipated to be complete in fall 2021.

2021 County-Wide Maintenance and Resurfacing Projects

This project consists of analyzing the roadway conditions and preparing a pavement rehabilitation strategy to maintain the structural strength and integrity of our County Highway system. Engineering analysis includes the evaluation of soil conditions, structural strength of the road section, drainage patterns, traffic volumes and access locations. The following projects will have the pavement replaced, to provide a smoother ride and longer-lasting road.

  • 7th Avenue (CSAH7) - Buchanan Street to 600' North of 38th Lane
  • 85th Avenue NE (CSAH 32) - Hwy 65 to Hwy 10
  • 109th Avenue NE (CSAH 12) - Flanders Court NE to Lexington Avenue (CSAH 17)
  • 181st Avenue NW (CSAH 58) - Round Lake Blvd (CSAH 9) to Hanson Blvd (CSAH 78)
  • 217th Ave NE/Fawn Lake Drive NE (CSAH 74)-Durant St to Viking Blvd (CSAH 22)
  • 237th Avenue NE/Fawn Lake Drive NE (CSAH 24) - Hwy 65 to Fawn Lake Drive NE (CSAH 76)
  • Broadway Avenue NE (CSAH 18) - 1100' W to 1600' W of Kettle River Blvd
  • Bunker Lake Blvd (CSAH 116) - Armstrong Blvd NW to Sunfish Lake Blvd NW
  • Bunker Lake Blvd (CSAH 116) - Pierce St NE to Hwy 65
  • Constance Blvd NE (CSAH 60) - 500' W of Tippecanoe Street to 500' E of Tippecanoe Street
  • Crosstown Blvd NE (CSAH 18) - Soderville Drive NE to Lexington Avenue NE (CSAH 17)
  • Jarvis Street NW (CSAH 24) - 350' S of 213th Avenue NW to 740' N of 213th Avenue NW
  • Old Central Avenue NE (CSAH 35) - 81st Avenue to Hwy 10
  • Radisson Road (CSAH 52) - 105th Avenue to Naples Street NE
  • Rum River Blvd NW (CSAH 72) - 500' N of 235th Ave to 400' W of Yukon St
  • Viking Blvd NW (CSAH 22) - Yalta Street NE to Isetta Street NE