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The Administration Division provides the following services for the Sheriff’s Office:

  • Budget and Finance
  • Human Resources/Labor Relations and Payroll
  • Background Investigations
  • Training
  • Information Technology
  • Firearm Permits
  • Office of Professional Standards
  • Public Information
  • Firearms Range

Budget and Finance

Although the Administration Division’s budget accounts for only approximately 10% of the overall Sheriff’s Office budget, it is responsible for the oversight of the entire Sheriff’s Office budget.  The overall budget encompasses all divisions, services, staffing, and several different physical facilities.  The Sheriff’s Office resource manager and accountant take a major role in budget and finance oversight for the entire Sheriff’s Office.

Human Resources/Labor Relations and Payroll

The Administration Division is responsible for Human Resource Management.  The resource manager oversees these functions and is responsible for the recruitment, testing, selection, and retention of all Sheriff’s Office personnel, as well as all labor relations and payroll functions.

Background Investigations

Background investigations are conducted for a variety of purposes, but primarily for employment.  The investigations are done to ensure that the people hired are qualified, have appropriate education/training, have no history that would disqualify them from employment in a position of trust, and bring a strong work history to their employment at the Sheriff’s Office.  In addition to employment backgrounds, the Administration Division also does background investigations for those municipalities that contract with the Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement services.  These background investigations range from basic employment backgrounds to investigations for liquor license applications.

Training Unit

The Administration Division also oversees the Sheriff’s Office Training Unit. The Training Unit provides training to all Sheriff’s Office staff, both licensed and non-licensed. The Training Unit also hosts training for law enforcement officers and civilian staff from agencies in the region  on many law enforcement related topics.

The Training Unit is responsible for managing the Sheriff’s Office outdoor firearms range. The range is used by the Sheriff’s Office as well as federal, state and local law enforcement agencies from around the region.  

The unit also provides training for all reserve officers and conducts an internship program for students pursuing a career in law enforcement. Contact Lieutenant Andy Knotz at 763-324-5004 if you have an interest a law enforcement internship.

Information Technology

Technology continues to play a larger role in the daily operations of the Office.  Technology includes personal computers and squad laptop computers, body worn camera systems, in-squad camera systems, complex scientific instruments, complex video and audio recording systems, and many software applications that assist our staff in performing their jobs.  The Administration Division acts as the liaison between the Sheriff’s Office and Anoka County Information Technology and ensures that our staff have the technology available to them necessary to accomplish their duties.

Firearm Permits

The Gun Permit Unit issues and maintains firearm permits for the purchase and carrying of weapons pursuant to state and federal statutes.  All firearms permit applicants must pass a comprehensive background check.  Click here to go to the Firearm Permits webpage.

Office of Professional Standards

The Administration Division is responsible for the maintenance, development, and implementation of policies for the Sheriff’s Office.  It is also responsible for the investigation into allegations of wrongdoing made against employees. The Administration Division strives to maintain the Sheriff’s Office core values of Honor, Sacrifice and Pride as well as the mission statement of the Sheriff’s Office, “To Protect and Serve the Community in a Manner that Preserves the Public Trust.” 

For more information on police training and standards of conduct, see the Minnesota Board of Peace Officer Standards and Training website.

Public Information

The Administration Division acts as the public information conduit of the Sheriff’s Office.  The Administration Division has a Public Information Officer (PIO) who acts as a spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office.  The PIO handles communication with the media or other parties seeking information about the Sheriff’s Office, its functions or major incidents handled by the Sheriff’s Office.  The Administration Division also ensures that information released pursuant to requests for government data, is done in compliance with state statute. The Sheriff’s Office presence on social media platforms, used to engage with the communities we serve, is also handled by staff of the Administration Division.  Contact Tierney Peters, Community Relations Coordinator, at 763-324-5006 if you have media inquiries.

Firearms Range

The Sheriff’s Office also has a firearms training range that is overseen and operated by staff of the Administration Division.  The range is used by members of the Sheriff’s Office who are authorized by license and by law to carry firearms.  Range training uses include proficiency qualifications and training to enhance the skills of our armed/licensed staff.  When not in use by the members of the Sheriff’s Office, the range is rented out to other governmental law enforcement agencies for use by their staff.  Two range masters maintain the facility and oversee the safety of training being held at the range.