Visiting Information

General Information

The Anoka County Jail, In Cooperation with Executive Order 20-20 issued by Governor Walz to Shelter in Place, will be closing their lobby to the public from Friday, March 27th until Friday, April 10th.

This closure will impact on-site visitation, access to the warrant office and the posting of bails/bonds. See below for further information.


  • Professional Visits – On-site visits by attorneys and other required professionals is discouraged. It is recommended such visits take place by phone. If an on-site visit is necessary, it will be a non-contact visit through glass.
  • Social Visits – On-site video visits between inmates and outside visitors are currently suspended. Off-site video visits can still be conducted remotely via our service agreement with ICSolutions. You can find further information about that and sign up for visits here

Public Fingerprinting

Public fingerprinting has been temporarily suspended for the duration of the COVID-19 outbreak.


The jail and warrant office will continue to accept bails and bonds. When you arrive at the jail, use the intercom next to the entrance doors to communicate with jail staff. They will meet you at the entrance.