Training Requirements & Resources

Early childhood professionals must be prepared to meet the developmental needs of children from six weeks to age 11. This presents a unique challenge to family child care providers. To meet the challenge, there are training requirements for those who are responsible for the care of children in licensed homes.

Training requirements vary depending upon the person’s role with a family childcare program. This fact sheet, Training Requirements for Licensed Family Child Care Providers, answers questions about training requirements.

Finding Training
Trainings that are approved by the Minnesota Center for Professional Development (MNCPD) are listed in Develop. To access these trainings, go to Develop Tool Minnesota or contact MNCPD at 855-378-3131. Additional trainings that meet licensing requirements may be available through other organizations.

Child Care Aware of Minnesota also offers a number of online trainings through the Eager-to-Learn website at Eager to Learn. These courses provide accessible educational opportunities for early child care professionals and parents. Eager-to-Learn features an online format called Anytime Learning. These online trainings are self-paced designed to give students the flexibility to learn on their own time and at their own speed. Registration must be done through Develop Tool Minnesota.