Pediatric First Aid, CPR, & Child Passenger Restraints

Pediatric First Aid & CPR

  • When children are present, at least one caregiver must be currently trained in CPR and the treatment of obstructed airways. Training must be received from an approved CPR instructor and must be repeated at least once every two years.
    • Effective May 17, 2006, substitute caregivers who are employed for less than 30 hours during a 12-month period are exempt from the CPR and first aid training requirements.
    • Also effective May 17, 2006, legislation was enacted that allows video training of first aid and CPR for providers, IF approved by the licensing agency. Currently, Anoka County has not approved video or online training for CPR or First Aid.
  • When children are present in the home, at least one caregiver must be present who has been trained in First Aid. This training may be less than 8 hours, and must have been provided by an approved First Aid instructor. First Aid must be repeated every two years.

Child Passenger Restraint Systems

  • Before a license holder, caregiver or helper transports a child or children under age nine in a motor vehicle, the person transporting the child must satisfactorily complete training on the proper installation of child restraint systems in motor vehicles. The Department of Public Safety must approve this training. They are currently approving training that is three hours in length. Training must be repeated at least once every five years. Child passenger restraint training may be used to meet initial or ongoing training requirements.
  • For current training opportunities on this topic, go to the Car Seat Checker