Criminal Division

The Criminal Division of the County Attorney’s Office is responsible for prosecuting adults and certified juveniles charged with felony crimes and designated misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor crimes occurring within the boundaries of Anoka County.

Non-designated misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor offenses occurring within the cities of Anoka County are prosecuted by the City Attorney for each city.

The Criminal Division has 14 Assistant County Attorneys, also known as prosecutors, who have the primary responsibility for determining whether a person will be charged with a crime.

The decision to prosecute an individual is based upon a review of an investigation conducted by either the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office or a local city law enforcement agency. Once a decision to prosecute has been made, an Assistant County Attorney drafts a complaint to initiate the court proceedings. It then becomes the responsibility of the prosecutor to represent the State of Minnesota at various court hearings and jury trial, if necessary.

Bryan Lindberg is the Chief Attorney for the Criminal Division.