Protective Services Unit

The Protective Services Unit (PSU), a subdivision of the Civil Division, is responsible for the civil commitment of the developmentally disabled, chemically dependent, mentally ill, the mentally ill and dangerous, sexual psychopaths, and sexually dangerous persons.

PSU also receives referrals on defendants found incompetent to stand trial in criminal court following competency proceedings (Rule 20 hearings). We provide legal advice and representation in matters affecting vulnerable adults.

Sending patient records

If you are a hospital or state-operated facility representative with a client under commitment in Anoka County and need to send information (Jarvis Petition, medical records, etc), please fax records to: 763-324-3690

If you are a provider, hospital, or state-operated facility representative seeking initial commitment or recommitment of a client in Anoka County, please fax records to Prepetition Screening at: 763-324-3650