Archers of all Levels

The archery complex at Bunker Hills Regional Park offers a variety of choices for archers of all interests. The indoor range operates year-round with open shoots, leagues, lessons, and tournaments. In addition, the indoor range offers a kitchen, meeting rooms, and rest rooms.

Outdoor Range

The outdoor area of the complex includes a field tip range with bales set at distances ranging from 10 yards on up to 90 meters. A broad-head tip range provides various distances for bow hunters. Three different walk-through ranges include 56 bales at national field archery association standard distances. One of the walk-through loops is semi-handicapped accessible to 14 stations.

Visit The Range

The outdoor ranges are available from 6 a.m. to 30 minutes after sunset, March - November and closed during the cross-country ski season (generally December - February). The indoor range has scheduled hours staffed by the Rapids Archery Club. Hours can be found at their web site. Indoor and outdoor tournaments are offered year-round and sponsored by the club. Most of these events are open to the public.