Regulations and Permits

Special Use Permit Requirements

Special Permits will be required for the following activities:

  • Sound amplification equipment (i.e. Dj’s, bands, microphone equipment)
  • Film productions*
  • Carnival type games and events* (i.e. Dunk tanks, inflatable moon walks and slides, etc.)
  • Canopies of any kind (only free standing canopies are allowed in the Anoka county parks and recreation system.)
  • All walk / run events* (including all triathlons, benefit walks, and fitness events.)
  • Benefits, fundraisers, and silent auction events
  • Merchandise fairs (i.e. Craft fairs, model airplanes, model cars, etc.)
  • Fireworks*
  • Additional portable toilet units
  • Ponies, horses, and hayrides*
  • All activities that are not in accordance with the normal park operations.

*All items with an asterisk may require additional insurance. If your event requires additional insurance you must maintain General Liability and, if necessary, umbrella insurance with a limit of not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence.

In order to secure a special permit, you must fill out a request form. That form will be processed within three business days of receipt. If your permit is granted, there is a $25 special permit fee. At that time, you can make your facility reservation.