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Locke Dog Park
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A dog park is a place where dogs can socialize and run off-leash in a safe, secure environment. Dog parks are becoming an increasingly popular opportunity for people and dogs to relax, exercise, and socialize. It is a great bonding experience for pets and their owners. Also, by providing socialization and exercise opportunities, dogs are less likely to be aggressive and create a nuisance by barking excessively or destroying property. The community will benefit in other ways, such as promoting responsible pet ownership and providing elderly and disabled owners with an accessible place to exercise their companions.

Bunker Hills Regional Park

Anoka County has partnered with the cities of Coon Rapids and Andover on the construction of a dog park at Bunker Hills Regional Park. Located off 133rd Avenue near the existing compost site, the 6.5 acre dog park has a separated small dog area, an open play area and a short trail for those that want to walk with their dog.

Locke County Park

A one and a half acre fenced dog park is located at Locke County Park in Fridley. This dog park provides a nicely shaded, wood chipped, enclosed areas for dogs of all sizes.

For more information regarding the off-leash areas, please call the Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department at 763-324-3300.