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Anoka County Library Survey

  1. Do you need new tools for your bike fix it station?
  2. Do you need replacement or new bike racks at your library?
  3. Would you like Anoka County Transit to provide transit information stations at your library and management the transit schedules?
  4. Do you think your library would benefit from Carpool Parking Lot signs?
  5. Would you be interesting in hosting a travel training course at your library?
  6. Below are some examples of how the libraries and transit can partner together as far as events and classes go. Please mark the courses or events you'd like to have Transit host at your library location.

    If you don't understand the title or what the training is, please provide feed back below. 

    Please Note: Any of these trainings can be bundled as a lunch and learn. We can provide a complimentary lunch to attendees. 

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