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Take the Northstar to a Free Tour of US Bank Stadium

  1. Please join us on Wednesday, July 21 for a free lunch and learn event. We will be taking the Northstar Train from the Coon Rapids Station at 10:48 pm. Please arrive at 10:15 am to register. The address is 3050 Northdale Boulevard NW, south of the Riverdale shopping centers.
  2. We will take the train to Target Field and then transfer to the Green Line Light Rail. The Stadium Tour starts at noon and ends at 1:30 pm. From there we will go to Nicollet Mall for lunch. After lunch, we will take the Northbound train back to the Coon Rapids Station at 3:47 and arrive at the Station at 4:30 pm.
  3. Please answer the following questions to the best of your knowledge.
  4. Have you ever taken the Northstar Train before?
  5. If so, how often have you taken it?
  6. Where have you taken the Northstar Train?
  7. Have you ever taken the Green or Blue Light Rail?
  8. If so, which one?
  9. Have you transferred from the Northstar Train to the Light Rail?
  10. *Liability Waiver*
  11. *I understand that by participating in the Lunch & Learn, I am participating at my own risk. I understand that Anoka County is not responsible for injuries that could occur during my commute.*
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