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Online Hazardous Waste Training Test

  1. 1. An emergency coordinator is required for Very Small Quantity Generators.
  2. 2. Small Quantity Generators and Large Quantity Generators who generate pharmaceutical waste will be required to provide at least, one-time hazardous waste training to all employees who handle pharmaceutical hazardous waste.
  3. 3. If an operator is unsure the waste generated at their facility is hazardous, the operator must assume it is hazardous unless they have it tested.
  4. 4. How often do Small Quantity Generator employees need to renew their Hazardous Waste training?
  5. 5. Operators that generate pharmaceutical waste can mix P-listed waste and pharmaceutical waste together in one container.
  6. 6. How many pounds of P-listed waste can a Small Quantity Generator generate and remain a Small Quantity Generator.
  7. 7. The State regulates the storage and disposal of PCBs at a concentration of ____ under the Hazardous Waste Rules.
  8. 8. Can used oil containers/tanks can be labeled as “used oil” or “waste oil”?
  9. 9. Is dilution an acceptable form of treatment when something has a high PH?
  10. 10. What is the correct Hazardous Waste code on a manifest for waste pharmaceuticals?
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