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  1. After Exhibit Survey

    Allow artists to provide feedback on the exhibit process at the library

  2. Author Mailing List

    Authors to add their name to a mailing list for contact about events and programs

  3. Exhibit Space Form
  4. Library Lockers Application Form

    Application form for individuals who want to obtain a key fob for the locker areas at Johnsville, Mississippi, Northtown, and St.... More…

  5. New Employee Training Feedback
  6. Program and Author Visit Proposal

    A form to collect names and information of performers and authors interested in doing a program at the library.

  1. Art Exhibit Proposal

    A form to collect names and information of local artists who are interested in displaying their work at the library.

  2. Book a Tech Tutor Evaluation
  3. Library Contact Recording Form
  4. Local Author Book Submission

    Submission process for local authors who want to add their work to the collection

  5. Organization Card Application

    Form for an organization to apply for library access.

  6. The Librarian Recommends...

    During the COVID pandemic librarians are still available to help you find the next great book to connect you to ideas, inspiration, and... More…