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  1. 60th Anniversary of Anoka County Library Story Share
  2. Anoka County COVID-19 Community Archive Project
  3. Anoka County Library 2018 LAF Evaluation
  4. Book a Tech Tutor Evaluation
  5. Donation Program Feedback Survey for Donation Partners
  6. Exhibit Space Form
  7. Library Lockers Application Form

    Application form for individuals who want to obtain a key fob for the locker areas at Johnsville, Mississippi, Northtown, and St.... More…

  8. Local Author Fair 2022 Application
  9. New Employee Training Feedback
  10. Patron Interview (Patron Use Study)
  11. Schedule a coVideoCall with a Librarian

    We're still working even though our doors our closed. Let us know how we can help connect you to Ideas, Information, and Inspiration.... More…

  12. Staff Day 2019 Evaluation
  13. The Librarian Recommends...

    During the COVID pandemic librarians are still available to help you find the next great book to connect you to ideas, inspiration, and... More…

  14. VolunTeen Application
  15. What hobby would you like to discover?
  1. ACL Database Evaluation
  2. Anoka County Internet Service Survey
  3. Anoka County Library 2019 LAF Evaluation

    Thank you for participating in the 2019 Anoka County Library Local Author Fair. We welcome your feedback so we can continue to improve... More…

  4. Community Partners Survey
  5. Donation Program Feedback Survey for Library Staff
  6. Library Contact Recording Form
  7. Library Volunteer Application

    Anoka County Library application for adult volunteers.

  8. and LinkedIn Learning Staff Feedback
  9. Organization Card Application

    Form for an organization to apply for library access.

  10. Program and Author Visit Proposal

    A form to collect names and information of performers and authors interested in doing a program at the library.

  11. Staff Book Discussion Signup

    A signup for ACL's staff book discussion

  12. Teen STEM Volunteer Educator 2017
  13. Uncomfortable Comments & Conversations with the Public
  14. Walk-through Survey (Patron Use Study)

    Form for Library staff to use as they walk through the building every 2 hours surveying each patron encountered.