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Library Reading Bridge Volunteer Application

  1. Anoka County Library
  2. Age*
  3. History
    Have you volunteered for Anoka County Library before?
  4. Include Organization/Contact Person, Duties, and Dates.

  5. When are you available to be a reading mentor?

    Check all times and days that apply.

    Volunteers must be available to meet with their assigned student at the same day and time at the library once a week for the whole Reading Bridge season:

    Fall Season: October - December    Winter/Spring Season: February-April    Summer Season:  June-August

  6. Mornings (between 10am- noon)

    Morning sessions are only available on weekends during the school year. Some branches offer weekday morning sessions during the summer.  

  7. Afternoons (between 4pm-6pm)
  8. Evenings (6pm-7pm)
  9. Where do you want to volunteer?*

    The North Central Branch is closed for renovations Fall 2022.

  10. If your preferred location doesn't have a spot that would work for your availability, do you have a different location that would work for you?
  11. References
    Please list two references (excluding relatives)
  12. Disclaimer
    I understand that the information requested on this application will be used for volunteer assignment and record keeping, and that all information will be held confidential, except where release is authorized. I hereby authorize the Anoka County Library Volunteer Program to conduct an inquiry of any or all references, employers and schools (past or present). I authorize the above mentioned parties to release pertinent information to the Anoka County Library Volunteer Program.
  13. The organization is not obligated to provide a placement, nor are you obligated to accept the position offered. Opportunities for volunteers are offered without regard to religion, creed, race, national origin, age or sex.
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