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Recycling Container Loan Reservation Form

  1. Fill out this form to reserve bins for your next event. You will receive a separate confirmation for your reservation via email from our staff.

    This program is designed to serve residents, community groups, non-profit organizations, businesses and others who wish to collect and recycle waste generated at events held in Anoka County. The recycling container loan program supplies containers for the onsite collection of materials at events only. Containers must be cleaned prior to returning them.

  2. Because of COVID-19 and social distancing measures, bins are only available for pick-up on Fridays, and must be dropped off on Mondays between 9am and 4pm at the Field Operations Building located at: 1530 Bunker Lake Boulevard NW, Andover, MN 55304.
  3. Two different styles of recycling and compostable bins are available: Clearstream bins or SlimJim bins (pictured below), please indicate which bin(s) you would like to borrow. Two bags to use with the bins will be provided to you. If you having a larger event please make a note of that at the bottom of the online form. It is best to pair organics bins with recycling bins and trash bins together. We recommend borrowing as many recycling/organics bins as you will have for trash. Generally you will need: 1-3 bins for graduation and backyard parties or family reunions. 2-5 bins for school carnivals, block parties or weddings. 4-10 bins for larger, single-day events like National Night Out or community events.
  4. Clearstream Recycling & Organics Bins
  5. SlimJim Recycling & Organics Bins
    Slim Jim Container
  6. Would you like us to provide you with signs for the bins as well?
  7. Collection and Drop-off resources for organics and recycling: For bottles, cans, and other recyclables: arrange for pick-up from a recycling service provider. For larger events, ask if your trash or recycling hauler collects organics and if so schedule a pick-up with them at the end of your event. Residents may also use any of the organics drop-off locations throughout Anoka County.
  8. Terms and Conditions

    Participants are responsible for picking up and returning containers to Field Operations Building, 1530 Bunker Lake Blvd NW, Andover 55304. By borrowing these containers I hereby agree to: • Return the containers the Monday after the event • Return the containers clean and in good condition, please rinse off bins with a hose • Return any unused collection bags • Recycle the materials appropriately

  9. I agree to the terms and conditions*
  10. Guideline for determining number of containers needed:
    • It is best to pair up each recycling container with a trash can; request as many recycling containers as trash cans. The same applies to organics. • Less is more! Stations are much easier to monitor and keep track of when there are fewer of them. Try to concentrate recycling and waste containers in higher use areas. • Generally, you will need:1-3 containers for graduation and backyard parties or family reunions; 2-5 containers for school carnivals, block parties, or weddings; and 4-10 containers for larger, single-day events (National Night Out, larger fundraising events)
  11. Signage:
    Recycling is even easier with signs! Signs for recycling, organics, and even trash can help guests know your expectations and help ensure waste ends up where it belongs. You may request signs, or you can customize your signs with images of products you will have at the event.
  12. Collection and drop-off resources:
    For bottles, cans, and other curbside recyclables: • Arrange for pick-up recycling service provider. A list of businesses can be found online at • Transport them yourself to an Anoka County drop-off site (a list of sites can be found in the Anoka County Recycling Guide, • Or, if a small amount is collected, they can be recycled at home in your curbside recycling bin. For larger events, ask if your trash or recycling service provider collects organics for composting, and if so, schedule a pick-up service for your event. Residents may use any of the municipal or county organics drop-off locations in the County, locations are listed on
  13. Tips for success:
    • Try to eliminate as many disposable materials (e.g., packaging, decorations) as possible prior to the event. • Always place recycling, composting, and trash containers together to form a recycling station. This will ensure that materials end up in the correct container. • Make recycling/organics stations visible and convenient. • Have someone periodically monitoring the recycling/organics throughout the event so that bags can be changed if they get too full. • Having a bucket for liquids at the waste stations for guests to pour out liquids can be helpful in reducing the weight of bags. You will need to supply your own bucket. • For more information visit, • If collecting organics, use BPI certified biodegradable tableware. These products can be found and purchased by visiting
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