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Anoka County Parks Volunteer Application

  1. Volunteer Application
    The Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities that can help you gain valuable work experience, make use of your skills and knowledge, and meet new friends. Time commitments are flexible.
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  4. Type of Application
    Please select which type of project you are volunteering for
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  6. History
    Have you volunteered for Anoka County Parks before?
  7. References
    Please list two references (Please exclude relatives):
  8. Disclaimer
    I understand that the information requested on this application will be used for volunteer assignment and record keeping, and that all information will be held confidential, except where release is authorized. I hereby authorize the Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department Volunteer Program to conduct an inquiry of any or all references, employers and schools (past or present). I authorize the afore mentioned parties to release pertinent information to the Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department Volunteer Program.
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