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Geocache Site Application Form

  1. Geocaching Rules
    1. All caches must be approved and registered by the Anoka County Parks and Recreation Department. 2. Caches must not be buried and must be accessible from a standing position. 3. Caches must not contain items that are offensive, dangerous or illegal. 4. Anoka County retains the right to remove, or have ordered removed, a cache it feels is in an inappropriate location or is causing undue impact on the natural habitat. 5. Caches must be placed at least ¼ mile apart. 6. Caches must be public, no member only or subscription caches. 7. Unregistered caches will be removed. 8. Individuals will be limited to two (2) caches per park and/or a total of five (5) caches throughout the designated parks. 9. No more than 20 total caches will be allowed for each designated park that allows geocaching. 10.  Caches must be located within the designated geocaching park areas at Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve, Kordiak County Park, Locke Park, Riverfront/Islands of Peace Regional Park, Manomin Park, Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, Rum River South County Park, Mississippi West Regional Park, Bunker Hills Regional Park, Rum River Central Regional Park, Lake George Regional Park, Rum River North County Park, Martin Island Linwood Lakes Regional Park, and Coon Lake County Park.    11.  Caches must be placed so that existing trails can be used to get close to the cache. All caches must be placed within 1/10 mile of existing asphalt and/or mowed trails. 12.  Controlled archery deer hunts are conducted from October through December, therefore, all caches must be deactivated from October through December at the parks where the controlled hunts are being conducted.  Hunts are usually conducted at Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park, Bunker Hills Regional Park, and Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park Reserve. 13.  Geocaching may only occur during normal park hours (5:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.). 14.  Caches are not allowed in picnic areas, play areas, golf course, water park, beaches, campgrounds, conservation areas, or natural areas.
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