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SHIP Neighborhood Mini-Grant Application 2022

  1. SHIP Neighborhood Mini-Grant Application 2022

    Prior to completing this application, please review the Anoka County SHIP Neighborhood Mini-Grant Instructions. Any questions about the application can be sent to

  2. Organization / Group Information
  3. Project Information
  4. What are the goals of the project? Project goals must contribute to one of the three Top Areas listed in the Instructions sheet.
  5. Provide a general description of the project and please include an explanation for why the project is needed. Please list any other organizations or partnerships that may be involved in this project (if applicable).
  6. Please describe how this project is increasing opportunities that would not otherwise be available or accessible to this population.
  7. Action Plan and Timeline
    List the activities needed to accomplish the project and the timeline for completing them. Add more lines as needed.
  8. Budget
    Include all projected budget items, such as equipment, materials, training fees, printing, etc. Add more lines as needed. Please include links to specific items as needed. All approved and agreed upon items will be purchased directly by Anoka County SHIP.*
  9. * SHIP funding cannot be used for labor/installation costs, alcohol/illegal substances, capital improvements, clothing, lobbying, fitness center memberships, raffles, etc. Approval of items is determined by the MDH SHIP Financial Guidance and Anoka County SHIP discretion.
  10. Ship requires all projects to include evaluation. Are you willing to work with SHIP staff to come up with an evaluation plan?*
  11. What would indicate to you that this project was successful?
  12. What is the plan for making sure the project continues after funding ends?
  13. Who needs to know about this project - community members, community leaders, etc? How will you communicate with these groups?
  14. By signing the Project Application, you agree:
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  15. Type your name to confirm you've read and agree to the requirements.
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