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Sheriff's Office

  1. ATV Youth Safety Classes Registration
  2. Extra Patrol Request

    Form citizens fill out to request extra patrols in an area where activity is occurring.

  3. Night to Unite Registration
  4. Register Your Agency for Night to Unite
  5. Safety BOOT Camp
  6. Sign-up for Friday Updates

    Fill out this form to request regular updates from the Anoka County Sheriff's Office, Crime Watch.

  1. CAST Fishing Event
  2. Kids Summer Safety Series
  3. Organizational Response to Violent Incidents Training

    This training is intended for organizations, businesses, and churches who are in looking to establish, update or modify their policy... More…

  4. Rental Property Updates

    Form for landlords to keep their rental property information up-to-date.

  5. Security Camera Registration

    Please fill out the following information to register your Security Camera with the Anoka County Police Department.

  6. Vacation Check Request

    Form citizens fill out to request a Vacation Check on their residence from the Sheriff's Office.