About Us

In 1857, Anoka County was a frontier county with main settlements in St. Francis, Anoka and Centerville having a total county population of 2,106 by 1860 with only a Sheriff to provide law enforcement to the entire County.

Today, the Anoka County Sheriff's Office consists of not only the Sheriff but also of a team of approximately 300 staff and volunteers serving 21 urban and rural cities with a growing population of 351,373.

Our Mission Statement

To protect and serve the community in a manner that preserves the public trust.

As Anoka County Sheriff's Office employees, we will:

  • Uphold and defend the constitution while treating all people equally
  • Uphold the highest standard of integrity and honesty
  • Maintain a sense of teamwork and pride among all employees
  • Provide our services in a fair and consistent manner that exceeds expectations

Do You Know...

Do you know that there is more to the Anoka County Sheriff's Office than protecting our citizens and investigating crimes?

We host and participate in many community events such as the Polar Plunge, CAST Fishing, Heroes Walk for Women, Hope 4 Youth, Shop with a Cop, and the Citizen's Academy.  

We offer many crime prevention resources such Neighborhood Watch, Night to Unite, Friday updates, crime statistics and vacation checks.

Other services we provide include the prescription drug take-back program, preparing for emergencies, kid's safety clinics, car seat inspections, home alone, scout tours, youth ATV training, public fingerprints and Remembering When.

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