Children's Mental Health

All requests for county assistance or services begin with a call to Anoka County Children’s Mental Health Intake at 763-324-1430.

An intake social worker will talk with you about your child’s needs and provide you with information on both community resources and the application process for voluntary county services.

Children’s Mental Health Services include:
See Eligibility for more information about who can receive services.

Screening & Intake
Children’s Mental Health (CMH) services are VOLUNTARY and must be requested by a parent or legal guardian. The Anoka County CMH Intake Social Worker will ask you a variety of questions, including:
  • What are your concerns regarding your child’s mental health?
  • What behaviors have been observed by parents or others?
  • What services have been tried so far?
Anoka County CMH first looks to appropriate community-based resources to meet a family’s needs. If a child has health insurance that covers mental health services, a referral may be made to the provider(s) of the family’s choice.  In some cases, this might be all the help needed by a family.  However, if more intensive services are needed, the intake social worker will gather additional information through a formal intake process, often meeting with the family in their home.

For more information, call Anoka County CMH Intake at 763-324-1430.

Diagnostic Assessment
A diagnostic assessment is defined by State Statute, MN Statute 245.4871,Subd.11. as a written evaluation by a mental health professional that includes:
  • The child’s current life situation, including sources of stress and reasons for referral to services
  • The history of the child’s current mental health problem or problems, including important developmental incidents, strengths, and vulnerabilities
  • The child’s current functioning and mental health symptoms
  • The child’s mental health diagnoses, including a determination of whether the child meets the criteria for a severe emotional disturbance
  • The mental health services needed by a child (including case management services)
A current diagnostic assessment (completed within the last 180 days) is required if you wish to receive CMH services.  For more information on where and how to obtain a diagnostic assessment, call Anoka County CMH Intake at 763-324-1430.

Early Intervention / Family Community Support Services 
The Early Intervention and Prevention Program is a voluntary service available to children and their families who are struggling with mental health issues or stressful family relationships.  The program connects families to a range of community-based therapeutic and supportive resources, and is open to residents of Anoka County.

Services provided by the Early Intervention Program:
  • Workers available by phone, e-mail, or in person to discuss confidential mental health matters
  • Referrals to in-home or outpatient therapy
  • Referrals to psychological testing and evaluations
  • Workers can act as a liaison between families and schools
  • Assistance in locating support groups for parents and children
  • Assistance in applying for disability insurance and financial assistance programs
Workers are also available for presentations to educate parents, schools, and other community agencies about Children’s Mental Health programs.

Psychotropic Medication Voucher Program
This program provides a voucher to pay for a one-month supply of psychotropic medications, as prescribed by a doctor, while the family is working toward obtaining medical insurance. The program is open to uninsured children (up to age 18) who are residents of Anoka County.   A release of information must be signed by the family and the referring source must complete the necessary paperwork before a voucher request can be made.  This program is funded by the Anoka County Children and Family Council, through the Community Asset Fund.

For more information regarding any of these programs or services, please contact:  763-324-1430.

Case Management
County case management services help families assess their child’s mental health needs, develop a treatment plan to meet those needs, and assist children and families in arranging needed therapeutic and supportive services. The CMH case manager will regularly meet with families to assess the appropriateness, delivery and effectiveness of services over time.

For more information, call Anoka County CMH Intake at 763-324-1430.

To be eligible for Children’s Mental Health services, a child must be a resident of Anoka County and under the age of 18.  A current (within the last 180 days) diagnostic assessment must also determine that the child meets the criteria for a severe emotional disturbance.  As noted above, this diagnostic assessment may be completed by a mental health professional of your choosing.

Children with a severe emotional disturbance may be eligible for an array of therapeutic and supportive mental health services, including case management.  “Severe emotional disturbance” is defined by Minnesota Statute, MN Statute 245.4871,Subd.6., and includes:
  • A child diagnosed with psychosis or clinical depression
  • A child at risk of harming themselves or others as a result of an emotional disturbance
  • A child that has been admitted within the last three years or is at risk of being admitted to inpatient treatment or residential treatment for an emotional disturbance
  • A child who, as the result of an emotional disturbance, has significantly impaired home, school, or community functioning that has lasted (or will likely last) more than one year