Pool Rule Amendments

Minnesota Department of Health Announces the Notice Of Intent To Adopt Rules Without A Public Hearing, Minnesota Pool Code, Minnesota Rules 4717.0150 – 4717.3975; Revisor’s ID Number 4442; OAH Docket Number 8-9000-36064 

Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) is amending Minnesota Rules, 4717.0150 – 4717.3975. Some of these changes will simplify the pool and spa plan review process for licensees. Other changes are intended to increase the level of public health protection by preventing potential accidents or minimizing unnecessary chemical exposures that may have an adverse effect on pool and spa users. These rule changes will make understanding Code requirements easier for the vast majority of licensees. We are maintaining the same or a stricter level of public health protection as established by the current Code.

Pool licensees (also referred to as “owners” or “operators”), pool designers and builders, pool users and local governments may be affected by any amendments.

Notice of Intent to Adopt Rules Without a Public Hearing

A copy of this notice will be published in the State Register (https://mn.gov/admin/bookstore/register.jsp) on November 9, 2020. 

Rule Language. The rule is available online at the department’s Minnesota Pool Code Rule Revision website

Statement of Need and Reasonableness. The Statement of Need and Reasonableness (SONAR) contains a summary of the justification for the proposed rules, including a description of who will be affected by the proposed rules and an estimate of the probable cost of the proposed rules. You may review the SONAR on the department’s Minnesota Pool Code Rule Revision website.