Family Child Care How to Get Licensed

The Anoka County Family Child Care Licensing Unit is responsible for licensing and monitoring family child care homes within the county. Child Care Centers located within the county are licensed directly by the State of Minnesota. If you have any questions regarding Child Care Centers call the State of Minnesota at 651-431-6500.

The "How to Get Licensed" video is for Anoka County residents only. If you live in another county, please contact that county to find out what their process is.

Any licensed provider who has closed their license more than 12 months ago and would like to re-open must complete the application process. If the license has been closed less than 12 months and/or a provider is moving in from another county, please contact our office.

All videos are online unless you require an interpreter. The How to Get Licensed can be accessed via the link below. If you need assistance completing the forms, please refer to the tutorials provided online. A link will be provided after you have completed step 2 "Application Process"

How to Get Licensed steps are as follows:

Step 1- Watch the How to Get Licensed video. At the end of the video you will be asked to click Submit. We will then email you the next step in the process.  Video is best viewed on a laptop or desktop--not compatible for cellphones or tablets.

Click Here Button

Step 2 - At the end of the How to Get Licensed video you will given a link to the Application Process video (Packet 1 will be emailed to you along with a link to the Application Process video)

Anoka County requires that applicants view both the How to Get Licensed and Application Process videos prior to submitting an application for licensed family child care.