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Chemical Health Collaborative Calendar Submissions

  1. Online Event Submission Form
  2. Anoka County's Chemical Health Collaborative was created to bring current and new community partners together who are working on the common goal of preventing and reducing chemical health abuse, addiction and overdose. This calendar was made to be a community resource for everyone to be aware of upcoming events and trainings.
  3. If you have an event or training you'd like to add to the calendar, please complete the submission form below. Events and trainings will only be accepted for chemical health events and/or trainings. The organization does not need to be within Anoka County, but the event must be in a location that Anoka County residents can reasonably access. Additionally, the form must be filled out in its entirety or the Collaborative will be unable to add it to the calendar.
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  5. Check the email listed for any follow-up information or questions you may have. Thank you for being a part of the prevention community in Anoka County.
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