Wedding Ceremony

Performed by Judge/Officiant

You may choose to have a marriage ceremony performed by anyone authorized by law to provide the service. Several judges in Anoka County will perform a marriage ceremony. For more information, see Weddings Performed by Judge.

Performed by Minister

Ministers of any religious denomination may also perform the marriage ceremony if they have filed a copy of their ministerial credentials with a Local Registrar in the state. In Anoka County, a minister can file their credentials with the Vital Records Office. For more information, see Registration of Ordination Certificate.


The law requires that your marriage ceremony be witnessed by two people who are the age 16 or older.

Marriage Certificates

The person performing the marriage ceremony will complete the County provided certificate of marriage by overseeing the names and signatures required on the certificate.  The certificate will be filed with the Local Registrar of the county where the marriage license was issued. The Local Registrar records the marriage and mails a certified copy of the certificate to you at the address you entered on your application form. For more information, see Marriage Certificate.