Temporary Food Stands, Food Trucks & Food Carts

Plan Ahead! Late fees may be assessed if applications are submitted less than 14 business days in advance

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General Information:

All temporary food stands, food trucks and food carts must be licensed in Anoka County.  See below to find out what type of license you need to operate in Anoka County.  

Food items that DO NOT require a license to sell include:

10 Day Temporary Food Stands

This license is for people operating a food stand for 10 days or less such as with a carnival or community event.  This license is NOT available for food trucks.  

The following are required to obtain a license:

  • Complete the 10-Day Temporary Food Stand Application.
  • Submit the application and applicable license fee to the department at least 14 days before the event.
  • Please call Environmental Services for the appropriate fee for your event.
  • Please contact the city you plan to operate in for any additional requirements. 

Mobile Food Units (MFUs)

As of January 1, 2018, Anoka County will be requiring all temporary food trucks and trailers to obtain an Anoka County license. 

Beginning in 2024, Anoka County is offering the following license opportunities to MFUs:

  1. Annual licensing – the unit must go through plan review or a pre-licensing inspection and must be compliant with the MN Food Code for this license to be issued.   If you cannot operate with hot and cold running water under pressure in the colder months, you have the option to prorate your license. Three-, six- and twelve-month options are available. ($116.25 - $465.00).  Please contact Colton Sveningson at 763-324-4225 or Colton.Sveningson@anokacountymn.gov to discuss an annual license.  To obtain your annual license, mobile food units are required to pass a “pre-opening” inspection as well.  Your application will be processed when it is submitted, however, the license will not be issued until all inspections have been completed.
  2. Temporary Mobile Food Unit license($90) – good for 21 days in the licensing year (February 1 thru January 31).   The MFU must have gone through plan review, hold a mobile food unit license with another agency in the State of MN and must be compliant with the MN Food Code.  Temporary or seasonal licenses issued by other agencies are not valid for this option.  Proof of licensing must be provided at the time of license application.  After the application is complete, your license will be delivered to you.  An inspection will be completed during operation.

*Mobile food units are required to show proof of completing and passing a fire inspection approved by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety. This is in addition to the electrical inspection by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry. These inspections are required to be completed before you operate in 2024.

All licenses issued must comply with the 2019 MN Food Code every time you operate. This includes the mobile food unit having hot and cold running water under pressure all 12 months of the year. Per MDH, there are no exemptions to the Food Code during colder months.


Greening Your Event

Events can be a ton of fun, but they can also create a ton of waste.  Need help greening your event?  Find resources to reduce waste and recycle more.  At no charge, Anoka County staff can provide non-regulatory technical assistance to minimize waste and recycle as much as possible in your operations.